It has been way too long since I wrote on here... how've ya been??

I have been super busy with lots of cool stuff for you. I have a new song dropping at 12am on Friday March 12th called "Never Alone" along with my first lyric video. I also have been hard at work recording the rest of the album, on track for a November release. I did my cover photoshoot recently and it turned out stunning! Beyond that, I've been posting weekly themed IGTV covers and mini documentaries each month breaking down the "behind the scenes" of each song on the album.

As always, thank you for the continued support and I hope you guys like what I've created. I'm currently booking weddings and other events for the duration of 2021 as well, just shoot me a message if you're interested. Stay safe, talk soon<3

PS: might be launching a fun project this fall, other than the album;)

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