Just a little something to remind us all the little things.

we'll get there...

I love sunflowers

Wrapped in paper, not plastic

I love deep hugs and the smell of rain at night

I love skipping down the sidewalk with good music blasting in my ears

And laughing so hard my belly hurts

I love that first hello from a friend when it’s been too long

And the sigh of relief when you lay in bed after a long day

I love the way dogs tilt their heads and the smell of pancakes on a Sunday morning

I love the sound of bubbles popping in the bath and that first bite of a burger on a summer’s day

I love catching snowflakes on my tongue and the way my sister and I talk, without talking

I love long drives in the passenger seat with my feet up and I love the moment of silence after finishing a good book

I love daydreaming about the future and writing songs about “the one”

I love the first breath after you jump in a pool and the excitement when you score a basket

I love when the cute stranger looks back at you and the suspense at the top of a roller coaster

I love the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a project or find the best pumpkin in the patch

I love getting letters in the mail and talking to my gramma and oversized tee shirts

I love making plans to go out and staying in to eat pizza instead

I love girl power and boy power and everyone being kind to each other

I love taking my hair out of braids and I love dancing around my kitchen when I’m home alone

I love inside jokes and rainbows and fireworks and picnics

I love when your eyeliner wings match and putting in the last puzzle piece

I love boat rides at sunset and plane rides at sunrise

I love cheering for my basketball team and the smell of the baseball diamond

I love singing big songs and the way the sun shines through my window at 5 o’clock

I love having freckles and clean sheets, ordering takeout and travelling

I love feeling fresh after a warm shower and my feet sliding into sand

I love the quick breaths before a first kiss and cracking your back “just right”

I love picking up the prettiest flower and saving it for a friend

I love watching the soap drip as you go through a car wash and wearing a new outfit

I love being a daughter and a sister

I love being a friend

But in the end, I guess most of all?

I just really love sunflowers.

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